The Inca trail in Peru

Incredible beautiful, extremly exhausting and a fantastic experience, Peru and the Inca Trail has it all!

Magdalena has always dreamed of visit Peru and walking the Inca Trail and after many hours on internet and visiting the travel exhibition home in Gothenburg things start to clear.

First of all to be able to walk the trail you must have a license, this means it is not possible to walk the trail by your own anymore,

This was posible for many years but there have been som incidents whith robbing etc and also the trail it self was suffering wear and tear so the goverment resolved that to be able to do the walk you must book whith an agency that have the right permissions and licenses.

And every person shuld have a license before you go.

(The agency helps whith that.)

As travel organizer we chose: Alexito the Peru specialist, its a small company that have organized trips to Peru for 30 + years.

It´s based in Sweden and Peru.

They have travel packages and can also organize personal trips.

We chosed a travelpack whith focus on the inca trail but it also included visiting other places before the actual trecking.

We where seven persons in our group from various places in the world. The package included food three times a day, real cooked meals which was really appreciated after a long day of walking.

We hope we can inspire you to visit this amazing place on our planet!

Check out the pictures below!


-   Distance: 35 km

-   Time: 4-5 days

-   Difficulty: Moderate-hard

-   Elevation Gain: 2500-4200 m

-   When to go: apr-okt (dry season)

Trecking the Inca Trail in Peru