Summer sailing in Sweden and a short visit to Denmark

This years summer vacation we had five weeks to just spend on sailing before we had to be back to work!

We had worked hard on the house for a long time to get it ready for sale and felt that we really needed som time off.

A huge tanks to Börje,Patte and Martin who really helpt us a lot to get the upstairs ready for paint before the vacation start, and Mats who helpt us during the summer with the painting when we where out saling :-)

This years sailing started from our home port Stenungsund in really good weather! The sun was shining and we had good down wind sailing from the north east tip of Tjörn.

The first stop was in Bäckevik 10 nm from Stenungsund, a short jump to a nice bay where we prepered the dinner on our new Magma grill-a real bargain on internet!

We enjoyed our barbecue and had a chat until the sunset discussing where we should head the next day.

We often dont have fixed plans when we are out sailing, more of a direction, then the weather and feeling can decide where we go.

This year we have had nummerus of talks whith our freinds Maggan and Martin on sv Vineta who we plan to sail thogheter whith, on which direction we would choose.

After all we decided to go north in a slow phase and meet up whith them and other frends along the way.

The next week we sailed to many nice places in a very relaxing phase. Sweden is a fantastic cruising ground with many natural harbors and you will always find a spot somewhere.

After a week we have reached Musö-sältan, a natural bay and marine reserve outside Fjällbacka.

The entrance is shallow ( ca 2,20m) so not many sailboats will go inside the bay. Our draft is only 1.7m so it went fine.

We picked one of the buoys that the Swedish Cruising Club has placed on many places along the coast.

We did some exploring on the iland before sunset on a slightly cloudy evening.

We were really surprised and happy when we woke up the other day and saw Veneta laying just behind us!

They have sailed all night from Gothenburg!

After a couple of hours more boats whith friends joined and at the end of the day we where five boats! 

The weeks after we visited many places, both new and old, before it was time to turn south again, 

The last night before turning we spent on Koster and enjoyed a sundowner in the sunset!

The day after we started to go south.

We rounded  the south part of Koster through

the canal between the north and south Koster ilands and saw seals laying on the the bare granite rocks, wonderfull!

The time flyes and when we reached closer to Klädesholmen we all started thinking of where we want to spend the last one and a half week before its time to go home.

We decided it would be nice to visit Läsö in Denmark so we started early in the morning  from Skärhamn, The morning was a bit cloudy and whith almost no wind at all so we decided to motor for a couple of hours. After a while the sun came through and the wheather was like a perfekt sommer day, but whith no wind:-) So we motored all the way to Läsö, it was a really relaxing trip.

Läsö is a nice island whith long sand beaches and a really relaxing atmosphere, perfekt if you want to experiense something different from the the Swedish coast.

After four days at Läsö whith good food and excursions whith busses and bicycles it was time to head back home to Sweden. We added some more stops to squeeze out the most of our summer vacation, including Bassholmen, Kungsviken and Havsten.

After all a really nice sailing summer!